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15 May 2021

Celosphere conference -2021

Celosphere conference -2021 hold virtually from April 13-15, 2021. Celonis hosted a 3-day packed agenda and focused on various important topics like ranging from strategic best practices from industry leaders, the latest product news and enhancements from Celonis and also discussed about showcasing strategies on how to run your business on the Celonis Execution Management System. From Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Respected DEAN, Dr. Manish Mahajan; HOD, Dr. Sahil Vashisht; and faculty coordinator, Ms Shelly Bansal motivated to all the students to attend this international conference and benefits of getting certificates. All the students interestingly participated in this conference and also achieved Celonis certificates in different fields.

Main agenda of this conference:

  • Siemens: How Intelligent Business Automation is Enabled by Celonis and Siemens GBS
  • Severstal: How Severstal is Predicting Delivery Failures and Improving On-time Delivery with Intelligent Automation
  • Women in Digital Transformation Panel: Leading Change and Reimagining the Future Enterprise
  • GE Healthcare: Creating Sustainable and Predictable Processes in Accounts Payable with GE Healthcare


1. To learn about different Mining Courses from an academic perspectives.

2. To encourage the students to participate in this conference


1. Learned about Accounts Payable Execution App, Process Intelligence  or many other courses

2. Got certification on different app creator, automation ,Finance or many more.