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10 Mar 2021

Celonis Process Mining- Turning data into value

Department of Computer Science and Electronics & Communication Engineering, FEAT organized a Celonis workshop on March 10 , 2021, 2 p.m to 4 p.m  for the discussion on  theme “CELONIS PROCESS MINING – Turning data into value”. Respected DEAN, Dr. Manish Mahajan; HOD, Dr. Sahil Vashisht; and faculty coordinator, Ms Shelly Bansal conducted this workshop.

NHOC ANH NGO was the speaker in this wokshop. She is academic Alliance Professional at Celonis and also responsible for the global education and research cooperation program at Celonis. She graduated in Political Science, Economics and English from the University of Mannheim and University of North Carolina. She joined the Celonis Academic Alliance initiative in September 2019 with the mission to fill the digital skill gap and rethink education from the ground up in order to create new and innovative ideas on how to solve this urgent challenge.

100+ students of B.Tech, BCA and other faculty members were attended this program. They learned about Hands-on workshop with tech-unicorn. Celonis Process Mining is one of the fastest evolving data analytics technologies that enable companies to reconstruct, analyze, and improve their processes based on event logs. Thereby, Process Mining bridges the gap between model-based process analyses and data-centric analysis techniques.

Objectives: 1. To learn about Process mining from an academic perspective

  1.   To get certification on Process mining

Outcomes: 1. Learned about data driven management

2. Worked with exercises in the Celonis Execution Management System

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