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Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE – VLSI Design & Embedded Systems)

Prospects of the Course

To better compete in the global market, successful companies are finding that investments in hardware and software are no longer enough. Human elements with specialized engineering and design skills have become the essential part of the equation. Embedded systems are ubiquitous. We find them everywhere- at our homes, offices, in shopping malls, in hospitals, in cars, in air craft and so on. They monitor and control everything from spacecraft to robots, microwave ovens, automobiles, consumer electronics and much more. They control virtually everything that is electronic in our lives. Embedded systems are normally built around Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and FPGAs or SOCs. This Embedded System Design course focuses on the architecture and programming of embedded devices such as Microcontrollers, DSPs and FPGAs and also on embedded and Real-Time Operating Systems. Automation industry and intelligent systems are also based on embedded system.

Job Opportunities

B.Tech. graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering (Embedded system) have job opportunities in different domains of the industry as
  • ASIC frontend designer
  • FPGA frontend designer
  • Embedded Software Developer
  • ASIC physical design engineer
  • AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) designer
  • Library developer
  • IP design engineer Verification Engineers
  • Front-end verification engineer
  • FPGA Back-end verification engineer
  • Physical design verification engineer
  • AMS verification engineer
  • EDA tool validation engineer
  • IP verification engineer
  • Board validation engineer
  • EDA/CAD Engineers
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Regression and Automation Engineer
  • Build and Release Engineer Application Engineers
  • Field Application Engineer (FAE)
  • Corporate Application Engineer (CAE)
  • Application Engineer Technical Support
  • Tech Support Engineer
  • Product Application Engineer (PAE)
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Fab /Foundry Engineer

Course Name :

Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE – VLSI Design & Embedded Systems)

Annual Intake:


Duration of Course :

8 Semesters

Eligibility for Admission

10+2 pass with minimum 45% Marks with Physics and Math as compulsory subjects along with any one out of Chemistry/Biotechnology/ Computer Science/Biology

Fee structure :

Per Sem –  INR  90000

Scholarship :