Guest Lectures in Electronics & Communication Engg
Sr. no. Proposed
venue Topic/Technology Spoke Person (Industry/Institutions) Students
1. 15-20 March SGTIET Deregulation of Electrical Energy Dr. M.A Khan (JMI) ECE&EEE
2. Feb-March SGTIET Routers & Switches Mr. Naveen(Industry) ECE&EEE
3. 10-15 April SGTIET Instrumentation Dr. Janardan Parshad ECE&EEE
4. 20-25 May SGTIET Modelling of the System Mr. Karmveer Singh ECE&EEE
5. 14th February 2017 SGTIET Digital Disruption & Role of IoT & Analytics Vodafone India limited, Mumbai ECE
6. 27th March 2017 SGTIET Medical applications of Optical Fibers and Lasers in Hospital and Research Mr. J.K Chhabra ECE